Fashion Finest AW 22

Fashions Finest made an electrifying return to the runway, this London Fashion Week. A die-hard fashion crowd weathered storm Eunice to attend the show at St Johns, Hyde Park on Saturday the 19th of February 2022.

 With designers traveling from Europe, the Uk, Scotland, Canada India, and Africa, defiant guests were determined not to SZN Swim12miss out. Amongst the attendees were actress and confidant of Simon Cowell, Jackie St Clair, flying in from her home in Norway singer Aurora, British songwriter and singer Girli, photographer Charlie Philips OBE, luxury designer Nina Naustdal, actor-singer Oscar Duke, actress Lindsey Peel, TV personality

Sandi Bogle, singer Pauline Henry, singer Pola Pospieszsalska, singer Tricey R, singer John Galea, and human rights activist Philip Baldwin.

On the catwalk, the collections by Akka, Isadora, Tribal Hotel, Toomey & Koko, Milena Sayad Knitwear, Carat23 & Zarya Azadi, Szn Swim, Seronga, Psych Apparel, Soleil Atelier, Pretty Affluent, Almara by Aruna Goud, and Midé caused a stir.Almara by ArunaGoud15

Opening the show was AKKA. Aleksandra Dzakovic the architect turned fashion designer behind fashion brand AKKA infuses her designs with an architectural approach mostly through the construction methods to the available technologies and using biosynthetic, biodegradable materials.

For fashion label, Isadora, the De Montfort University graduate Valentina Grey designed with her unique aesthetic of a delicate feminine blend of luxury and art. L’amore is an A/W 22 Lingerie boudoir collection inspired by the romantic city of Venice. The collection showed innovation with a

revival of the artisanal principles using vintage laces, Calais laces, and embroidery to define beautiful and empowering lingerie.

The Tribal Hotel Autumn 2022 conceptual wear was inspired by the Latvian Constructivist Gustav Klutsis. Drawing on Klutsis’ kinetic ideas transposed to the human body in movement made for a playfully interpretation on the catwalk with its fabric patterns.

Toomey & Koko presented “Collection I”, with designs brought to life in vivid Adire fabrics, which use indigo and other natural dyes to create bold, eye-catching patterns. Adire originated in southwestern Nigeria and the brand pays homage to the tradition of indigo dyeing which goes back centuries among the women of West Africa. The collection reimagined traditional Nigerian fabrics and clothing in modern styles, resulting in highly wearable, functional, and fashion-forward designs.

Midé32Milena Sayad is a sustainable designer whose collection is about women's empowerment and sexuality. Here modern architectural patterns were combined with feminine silhouettes from 1950, the dresses embrace women's inner confidence. Each piece is made with 100% merino wool on a manual knitting machine and sewn by hand by Milena. The designer's commitment to sustainability means she produces high-quality limited editions of no more than 10 pieces.

Carat23 & Zarya Azadi presented a functional, modern and wearable monochrome collection. 

SZN SWIM, an independently run British swimwear brand founded in 2017 is known for its high-quality, minimal swimwear. Its latest ‘Wild Hearts’ collection embodies the youthful free-spirit; bringing boldness to the feminine contours of the body. Strong, bright, vibrant colours and an array of soft-touch fabrics, glistening ribs, and wild prints made for statement beachwear on the models sashaying down the catwalk.

Tanzanian Precious Seronga collaborated with local craftswomen from her home country known for their beadwork skills for her brand Seronga. She designed the pieces to be styled as accessories, as well as fashion outfits. TheToomey  Koko13 designs offer ultimate flexibility for the owner limited only by the wearer's imagination and aim to support future-proofing this beautiful traditional skill.

Psych Apparel ‘Blobs’ collection brought fun and a sense of lightheartedness, with bright colours, unique cut-outs and funky shapes. The design leans towards loungewear, featuring drawstring waistbands and cotton tank tops, but with an elevated twist.

Soleil Atelier wowed with its tactility of mindful craftsmanship on supple fabrics with a focus on understated luxury influenced by the designers global travels and love for minimalistic, handcrafted inventiveness.

The luxury label Pretty Affluent creates each design to be meaningful pieces of art that hold treasured memories. As a ‘Made to order’ brand lots of time, love and energy are poured into every seam and frill.

Almara By Arunagoud exemplified its artistry through signature bridal couture pieces with Indian aesthetics and a modern sensibility inspired by India's rich heritage. Its store is located in Goa and Hyderabad


Nigerian-born Ayomidé created mesmerising red-carpet-worthy designs in her Lagos-based studio for her label Midé. Each piece embraced feminity whilst inserting the wearer into a modern fairytale context. The delicate fabrics and detailing such as the mikado silks, tulles and embroidery all come together to tell a story.

*Photographer: VR Agency*


Makeup: Academy of Freelance Makeup Artists (AOFM) lead #mua Mandy Gakhal

Hair: Amy Tasker, Annie Berry

Nails: Julie Bryan & team

Creative Director: Tanya Beresford

Lead stylist: Leighanne Krystal

Assistant Stylist: Raahim Khan

Student Stylists: College of North West London