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BFC Reveals Recipients of Support Schemes for 2022

The British Fashion Council on Wednesday announce this year’s finalist of its various grant-giving support schemes, including BFC Newgen, BFC/GQ Designer Fashion Fund, BFC/Vogue Designer Fashion Fund and BFC Fashion Trust.

 This year 22 fresh designer brands are on short list for the BFC Newgen scheme, which is awarded annually to ready-to-

prVQ2A3575wear and accessories designers, offering them financial support, showcasing opportunities, and mentorship to build their businesses.

The recipients are Ahluwalia, Ancuța Sarca, Asai, Bethany Williams, Chet Lo, Conner Ives, Di Petsa, Eftychia, Feben, Harri, Helen Kirkum, Labrum London, Leo Carlton, Masha Popova, Nensi Dojaka, Paolo Carzana, Robyn Lynch, Roker, S.S. Daley, Saul Nash, SinÉad O’dwyer, Stefan Cooke, and Yuhan Wang.

The BFC/GQ Designer Fashion Fund this year will be handed out during the upcoming London Fashion Week in June. The winner will receive business mentoring, professional services, and a cash prize. Four brands, including Clothsurgeon, LYPH, Nicholas Daley, and Olubiyi Thomas are short listed for this opportunity.

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